Trevor Haynes, 31.08.2018

- 28.08.2018 Corby

This was a very interesting if somewhat morbid tour. The sounding of the bells at the isolated Khatyn memorial really hit home the tragedy of the destruction meted out to the villagers. As participants from England we were glad that effort had been made to provide details about the sites in English. The distance between the sites was manageable and the coach provided was comfortable, with a very good driver. Time allowed at each of the sites visited was about right.
However, the tour was advertised with joining time of 2.15PM for a prompt departure at 2.30 from the Hotel Belarus. After many had ambled from the hotel by about 3pm and others had arrived (late) by taxi we finally got away at 3.10pm. This resulted in a late return to the city centre which we were not anticipating.